Pest Control Cost

It depends which company you use. As a general rule our prices start from £70 + VAT for insect removal and £150 + VAT for rodent removal. That said, it all depends on building size and size of the infestation. We can give a firm idea of price after speaking with you or a site visit.

There are good pest control products available in the shops, however many of our clients call us having tried to treat problems themselves without any success, often spending up to £250 or more. It can be more cost effective to contact a reputable pest controller in the first instance.

Different pest control companies offer various solutions and costs. As a guide, our annual pest protection service starts from £20 + VAT per month for all year-round pest prevention.

Rodent Pest Control

Squirrels are normally active at dawn and dusk so if you’re hearing noises at night time it’s more likely to be rats or mice.

Grey squirrels are classified as pests as they are an invasive species imported into the UK during Victorian times.

Squirrels will attack children and adults if cornered, we’d always advise not to approach them and safe removal by a qualified pest controller.

If left unchecked squirrels will cause more damage than rats, gnawing through wood and wires and building drays using loft insulation.

Occasionally a cat will bring a rat or mouse into your home or garden. However normally rats live in groups of 15 or more, so if you’ve seen one there are usually more nesting nearby.

Rats and mice are not naturally aggressive and won’t necessarily attack you if you leave them alone, but it’s better not to approach or corner them.

Yes, rats and mice do carry diseases such as salmonella, hanta virus, Wiels disease or rat bite fever and leptospirosis.

We often find that off the shelf poisons aren’t always effective. We use licensed products that are only available through qualified pest controllers.

On average we find that people have spent up to £250 on off the shelf pest control products before they call us. We’d always recommend using a qualified pest controller rather than trying to deal with it yourself.

If a rat dies during treatment and we’re unable to reach it, there may be a smell. However this will clear up after 2-3 weeks. Dead body odour bags, incense and coffee grounds in cups will help in the meantime.

Crawling Insect Pest Control

If the previous residents had pets or a flea problem, when they moved out the fleas lost their food (blood) source. This means they into diapause (similar to hibernation). When you moved into your new home the fleas felt the vibration of footsteps and stopped diapause as a new blood source has arrived (you).

It can be fleas however if there are also blood spots on your sheets it’s more likely to be bed bugs.

Off the shelf flea products will kill the fleas but sometimes don’t interrupt the life cycle, meaning more will hatch and the problem will remain. If you have a flea problem, we recommend contacting a local reputable pest controller.

Ants can carry disease so yes, it’s advisable to remove ants from your home.

Bed bugs often come from abroad traveling in your luggage. If you haven’t been on holiday and have bed bugs then they may have come from second-hand furniture or new furniture that’s imported.

No carpet beetles won’t bite you but their larvae can cause skin irritation. Carpet beetles mainly eat natural fibres, sometimes plants.

Bald patches on your carpet are a sign of carpet moths or carpet beetles. Both live on natural fibres so are eating your carpet. If it’s carpet moths you may see them flying around and their larvae leave white larval cases behind.

Cockroaches don’t normally bite people but will eat most food types found in your kitchen.

There are off the shelf products for cockroach control but cockroaches can still be difficult to remove yourself and the most straightforward solution would be to contact a local reputable pest controller.

Most pest controllers offer a pest identification service either by sight or sample identification. Contact a local reputable pest controller for support.

Flying Insect Pest Control

No, once a nest is finished for the Summer the wasps living in it will die naturally and other wasps will not move in. We do offer wasp nest removal if you’d like it removed.

Ivy flowers provide some of the last natural food available to wasps and insects each year at the end of Summer, so if you see wasps in large numbers on ivy it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a nest.

Wasps are aggressive and if provoked are likely to try to sting you.

Bumble bees are generally harmless providing they’re not disturbed.

When you have bumble bees nesting in your roof, shed or bird box they’re generally there for a short period of time while they breed. At the end of the Summer they move on naturally. Some companies will re-home them for you if possible.

Wasps don’t swarm in the way that bees do, so a swarm in your garden is more likely to be bees.

Bees are not a pest however some pest controllers or bee keepers will remove a bees nest for you and rehome safely.

Honeybees are protected and cannot be treated. The only way to remove bees from your chimney is to have the chimney dismantled and the bees rehomed. Check out for live bee removal.

Cluster flies leave pheromones behind after they’re removed. These pheromones will attract more cluster flies next season which can crawl through tiny cracks in your roof meaning they can be a recurring problem. A good pest controller will be able to offer some solutions.

When flying ants emerge they’re going from dark looking for light sources, so open all the doors and windows and they’ll soon clear themselves.